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A Sale to Celebrate World Water Day 2024! 💧

Celebrate World Water day with us today and take $1500 off your Whole Home Water System!

Copy this code "AdvWaterDay1500" and paste it into the contact form Promo field on our website, or give us a call and let us know you saw this ad.

What is World Water Day? World Water Day is like a global reminder every March 22nd since 1993. Think of it as a day dedicated to talking about how important water is and making sure we're taking care of it properly. The United Nations came up with this idea during a big conference back in 1992, where they talked about environmental concerns in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The whole point of World Water Day is to make sure everyone understands how crucial clean water is for us humans, the environment, and our economies. It's also about making sure we're using water in a smart and sustainable way. These are core concepts which we strive for on a day to day basis at Advanced Water Solutions.

Every year, World Water Day has a different theme, like saving water, stopping pollution, or dealing with how climate change affects water. These themes help us focus on different water problems and find solutions. In 2024 the them is "Water for Peace" and to "leverage water as a tool for building a more stable, peaceful world." We can make a better place for everyone "by prioritizing cooperation and sustainable management of water resources, the world can transform water from a potential source of conflict into a catalyst for peace, stability and prosperity, even amid challenges like climate change, mass migration and political unrest."

It's a good reminder and chance for reflection on how important water is, and how we must not take for granted its impact on our lives.

So on world water day, we give a big 'cheers' to you Oklahoma! From our glass of water to yours!


Notes :

1. World Water Day 2024: bridging divides through water cooperation

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