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Chlorinators, Enid, OK

Stenner Pumps established in 1957, has an impeccable reputation as the manufacturer of the very best metering pumps in the industry. The Stenner Peristaltic pump has become the target to which all other companies aspire. Stenner pumps are uniquely designed for the water treatment industry, including municipal applications, cooling towers, car washes and pools.  Based on a simple, well-engineered design that minimizes complexity and delivers outstanding performance, the time-tested Stenner design is known for exceptional reliability and ease of service, which increases dependability for users, while reducing service time and expense.  The key is "peristaltic pumping action" which  makes Stenner chemical feeders completely self-priming against pressures up to 100 PSI.  The exclusive 3-point roller assembly provides a positive 2-point seal on the tube.  This eliminates the need for check valves and prevents siphoning.  In addition, Stenner quality workmanship produces pumps that are durable and accurate to 2% at all settings. 

Sources of private water supplies usually require treatment of the incoming water to provide biologically safe drinking water.  In addition, private water supplies can contain excessive levels of iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese which can cause unpleasant odors and staining.  pH Adjustment may also be needed to prevent corrosion and pitting of piping and appliances.  Chemical metering pumps are often used to inject solutions for disinfection, oxidation and pH control of private water supplies and Stenner Peristaltic Metering Pumps are the number one choice of Water Conditioning Professionals.

Installation sites include residential homes, trailer parks, churches, camp grounds, lodges, farms, schools, small rural communities, and other locations using private water supplies.

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