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  • David Rushbrook

Do Ice Cubes from Purified Water Last Longer?

Updated: Jun 7

Before answering that question...let me just say that here at Advanced Water, our drinks stay cold a very long time! 😁 Why is that? I'm sure you have guessed by now, but yes, purified water ice cubes typically last longer than ice cubes made from tap water or water with impurities. In addition to that, they look better and taste better too!

Purified water has fewer impurities, minerals, and dissolved solids, which can affect the freezing process and the overall quality of the ice.

Let's get technical for a minute. 🧪When water freezes, impurities and dissolved minerals can form small particles or bubbles in the ice, causing it to become cloudy and less dense. This can lead to faster melting and a shorter lifespan for the ice cubes.

On the other hand, purified water tends to produce clearer and denser ice cubes with fewer impurities. These ice cubes have a higher melting point and can last longer before melting compared to ice cubes made from water with higher mineral content or impurities.

Additionally, purified water ice cubes are often preferred for use in beverages and cocktails because they do not alter the taste of the drink or leave behind any residual flavors from impurities.

The more you know...:🤔

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