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How much do water softener systems in OKC, OK cost? What's the price of an installation?

Let's get right down to the meat and potatoes..🥔🥩. How much do water softener systems cost?

The cost of water softener systems depends on type, size, brand, and additional features. In the OKC Oklahoma area, where water issues are common, investing in a water softener is often a wise decision. Our whole home residential systems start at $2495, with an upper range of $5495. Residential prices include installation. Commercial systems with enhanced capabilities and larger capacity can range $12,000 to $25,000. These prices don’t include installation (Prices as of 2023. These may have changed since the writing of this article).  Installation costs may vary based on plumbing complexity and any necessary modifications. It is recommended to obtain multiple quotes from reputable vendors for the best value. Just like most things...if you want quality and good service and want to avoid the headache of DIY, a water treatment company is the way to go. We have excellent customer service and a 5 star rating on Google!

A small tip would be paying attention to the size of softener you need, as this affects the total price...

To determine the appropriate size of water softener for your home, it is recommended to consider the following factors:

  • Water hardness level: Have your water tested to determine the grains per gallon (GPG) or parts per million (PPM) of hardness minerals present in your water supply.

  • Water usage: Assess your household's average daily water consumption to estimate the capacity required for effective softening.

  • Household size: Consider the number of people in your household to ensure the water softener can handle the demand adequately.

  • Future needs: Account for any potential changes in household size or increased water usage, such as additions or renovations.

By evaluating these factors and consulting with a water treatment professional, you can determine the appropriate size of water softener that will effectively address your water hardness and meet the needs of your household.

Where can I buy a water softener in OKC?

In the OKC Oklahoma area, there are several options for purchasing water softeners. We recommend going with someone with a 5 star rating, like Advanced Water Solutions, which is the only business with a 5 start rating on Google in the OKC, Edmond Area...You can explore local home improvement stores, plumbing supply stores, or speak water treatment specialists that offer some water softener options. Additionally, online retailers provide a convenient way to compare different brands and models, read customer reviews, and make a purchase. It is recommended to choose a reputable vendor or work with a professional water treatment company that can provide guidance, installation services, and ongoing support. We, of course, recommend our own business, Advanced Water Solutions, if you are in the OKC or Enid, OK area. We can help you determine what system would be best for your specific water situation, and then deliver and install the system at your home or place of business.

Are you looking for water softener provider for your home in Oklahoma? Look no further..

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Our Location in Edmond, Oklahoma

Advanced Water Solutions is a Full Service Water Treatment Company. We Understand How Important Your Water Is. If You Have A Problem, We Will Fix It Right, The First Time. Our Service Sets Us Apart From The Rest. Whether You Need One Service Call Or Want A Hassle-Free Maintenance Plan, Advanced Water Solutions Is The One To Trust For All Of Your Service And Maintenance Needs. In order to best serve our customers we offer a wide assortment of products.

Since 1970 We Have Been Dedicated To Better Water. Our Installations Are Done By Certified, Licensed Plumbers With Over 10,000 Installations. Our Servicemen Are Highly Skilled And Factory Trained, And Our Support Staff is Prompt, Courteous And They Strive To Provide You With Great Service.

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