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  • Susan Niemann

Quality Water Can Save you Money!

No one wants to spend more than they need to... on anything! And chances are, you’re not giving clean water a second thought. But you should. The quality of your water can save you money. Consider these points:

Bottled Water is Expensive

Sure it’s convenient…but bottled water is expensive! As a whole, Americans spend about FOUR BILLION DOLLARS a year on bottled water. And while some of those plastic bottles get recycled, most end up in a land fill. Not good.

So, let’s do some math. A 12-ounce bottle of water is .41¢ on average. Being conservative, if a family of four each has three bottles a day, that’s $4.92 a day or $1795.80 a YEAR!

Why spend the money for bottled water when you can get clean fresh water right from your faucet and into a reusable bottle? It just makes “cents”!

FACT: Less than 10% of the cost of bottled water is used to pay for the actual water. The rest of the money is spent on packaging, shipping, and marketing!

If Your Water is Hard, You’re Spending More

Let’s start by saying hard water isn’t necessarily unclean or a health hazard. But, you’ll end up using MORE water if your water is hard… and that means you spend more. For example, when you do your laundry, you’ll end up using more detergents and fabric softeners if your water is hard. Clothes don’t get as clean, stains are difficult to remove, and they feel stiff. Plus, hard water can cause your clothes to lose their color and wear out faster… and you’ll need to replace that favorite shirt. This all adds up! If your water is soft, you’ll use about 50% LESS detergent… nice savings!

More Costly Hard Water Facts

In a 2009 study commissioned by the Water Quality Research Foundation, researchers discovered: • Running hard water through your shower head will lose 75% of the flow rate in less than 18 months.

• Running hard water through the strainer in your faucet can clog it up in just 19 days.

• Scale build-up from hard water in your hot water heater can cause it to fail in just 1.6 years.

Your appliances suffer when using poor quality water, too. Hard water in your dishwasher leaves residue on your dishes and requires more detergent.

And your toilet? Over time, hard water will leave residue that clogs the small holes in the toilet rim. That means the proper amount of water isn’t being released to effectively flush. And the rusty stain hard water leaves in your toilet bowl means you clean more!

What about your pipes? The scaley residue hard water gradually leaves behind also builds up in your pipes… and that can cause costly maintenance issues down the road.

When you look at all the facts, the evidence is clear. The quality of your water can be a big factor in how much you spend! Stop letting your money go down the drain! Our analysis of your home’s water is FREE! Call us and start saving!

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