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  • Susan Niemann

Salt-based or Salt-free Water Softeners…Which is Best to Solve Your Hard Water Problem?

You want to eliminate the effects of hard water, but what’s the best way to go about it? Without getting too technical, we’re going to explain the differences between salt-based and salt-free water softeners. (And yes, we have a definite preference!)

How does a Salt-based Water Softener Work?

The simple explanation: water softening basically involves removing magnesium and calcium (the minerals that cause hard water) with an ion (molecule) exchange process. Your hard water passes through a bed of bead shaped polymer resin in your softening tank that attracts those minerals and replaces them with sodium ions.

As time passes, the resin bed becomes overloaded with too much mineral content and launches into a regeneration cycle. This cycle flushes the resin bed with a high concentration of brine (salt) to eliminate the heavy amount of mineral deposits that have built up and then drains them from your system.

Because salt-based water softening systems remove the minerals that cause hard water, you’ll be protecting your appliances, water heater, faucets, pipes, as well as spend less money on detergents and cleaning solutions. And of course, without all the hard water minerals, you’ll enjoy softer, cleaner clothes, softer skin, and shinier hair.

By the way, there is a common misconception that a salt-based water softener will increase the sodium in your drinking water to a harmful level. This is simply not true! You’re at far greater risk for sodium overconsumption from eating too much fast food!

Salt-Free Water Softeners-Effective?

Let’s start by saying salt-free water softeners don’t exist! It’s more accurate to say they “condition” the water. Saltless water conditioners DO NOT remove hard water minerals. Instead, they “transform” or alter them chemically so they don’t cling to the surface and there will be a reduction in scale build up. Because salt-free water systems don’t actually remove the hard water minerals, you won’t see the many benefits of salt-based water softening like cleaner dishes and brighter laundry.

One more thing! We strongly urge you to ignore anything you might hear about Magnetic Water Treatment. There is no scientific proof that these systems work!

At Advanced Water Solutions, we recommend the many benefits of a salt-based water softening system. In our experience, we find salt-based water softening to be more effective, less expensive in the long run, and provide consistently excellent results.

Ask us to perform a FREE analysis of your current water system and we’ll give you the answers you need! Hard water is a real annoyance and can be a costly problem, and with a salt-based water softener, you’ll have access to fresh, clean, healthy water every time!

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