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What is the Best Water Softener System in OKC, Oklahoma and Edmond, Oklahoma?

In our latest article we will be breaking down the best Water Softener Systems in OKC, Oklahoma by Price and Rating. After we give you a few options by price-tier, we will then have a list of the top Water Softener System providers in the OKC, OK and Edmond, OK area in order from highest to lowest.

First let's define what you mean by best...

  1. Are we talking about the most pure water with no expense spared in paying for the system?

  2. Is our goal to find the best 'reasonably priced' water softener in OKC?

  3. Or maybe our goal is to find the best rated water softener in the this area?

Well, we've got the info you are looking for. We've been at this a while (since 1970!) and know a thing or two about Water Softeners. So let's dive in!

For those who don't care about the price, and only want the best quality water possible...

If you've got money to spare and want the absolute best quality system for a large home, this is where you'd get into the higher spend levels. These are sometimes referred to as a whole home water system. Check out our post on the cost of a water softener system in OKC for more information. These systems would ensure filtration of every type of water in your home, giving a complete "whole home water filtration". Our 3702 Water Softener System would be an example of this. Depending on the size and situation our systems can vary in price between  $2495, with an upper range of $5495. If you need a system for commercial purposes, these are VERY heavy duty, and built to output at the speed of your business. The post from above discusses the cost of commercial units.

The other big brands offer water softener systems like Culligan, etc (see bottom of page). We have found these units to be well made, but overall costly to maintain and failing at the service level.

For those who want the most reasonably priced system...

Most brands offer some kind of tiered solution. It is not advisable to pickup a system from somewhere like Home Depot, as you will not get the same quality of product and service you get from an established local brand. We regularly service customers who have had issues and ultimately wasted money on these systems before coming to us.

If money is a barrier you might think of going for a simple RO (reverse osmosis) system, which would be specifically focused on only filtering the water at your tap. This would not filter all the other water in your home (shower, washer, outlets, etc).

Another option would be renting a water conditioner system. We offer this service, as do other companies. This may help you get to your goal of getting the best, at a cheaper price.

For those who are looking for the best rated water softener system in OKC, Edmond and Enid...

As mentioned above, our water softener systems regularly last 15-20 years!  We even, recently had a customer call us to replace his system which he purchased from us 40 years ago!! It was alive and kicking since Van Halen was posting hits on the Billboard! Now that rocks!🎸

One of the simplest things you can do is check out customer reviews and see who has the best rating. We compiled a quick list for you to check out below.
Our OKC location in Edmond, OK (Advanced Water Solutions - OKC) has a perfect 5 star rating ★★★★★! Not to mention all the certifications below...

That said, there are companies in OKC offering water softeners, including Advanced Water Solutions in OKC. Here is a list of a few from the area...

List of Best Rated Water Softener Companies in OKC, Oklahoma.

Advanced Water Solutions - OKC (This is us!)

5.0 (76) · Water softening equipment supplier

Edmond, OK

(405) 228-4134

Tabor Water Solutions

5.0(65) · Water softening equipment supplier

304 N Meridian Ave #23

(405) 506-2634

Moore Water Treatment - Oklahoma City

4.8(772) · Water softening equipment supplier

129 NW 132nd St

(405) 591-3586

High Quality Water of OKC

4.8(545) · Water softening equipment supplier

4427 SW 21st St

(405) 684-9370

General Ionics of Oklahoma

4.8(25) · Water softening equipment supplier

Edmond, OK

(405) 330-6034

Culligan Water of Oklahoma City, OK

4.2(137) · Water softening equipment supplier

2521 S I-35 Service Rd

(405) 672-7821

H2O Mate Water Softener Systems

No reviews · Water softening equipment supplier

(405) 691-8800


Advanced Water Solutions is a Full Service Water Treatment Company. We Understand How Important Your Water Is. If You Have A Problem, We Will Fix It Right, The First Time. Our Service Sets Us Apart From The Rest. Whether You Need One Service Call Or Want A Hassle-Free Maintenance Plan, Advanced Water Solutions Is The One To Trust For All Of Your Service And Maintenance Needs. In order to best serve our customers we offer a wide assortment of products.

Since 1970 We Have Been Dedicated To Better Water. Our Installations Are Done By Certified, Licensed Plumbers With Over 10,000 Installations. Our Servicemen Are Highly Skilled And Factory Trained, And Our Support Staff is Prompt, Courteous And They Strive To Provide You With Great Service.

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