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  • James McMurphy

Why not buy a cheap water softener? We’ll tell you!

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

It’s second nature to want to buy the least expensive option available when looking for anything other than cars, houses or flat screen TVs, right? We all want our cars and houses to be the biggest, best and shiniest things on the block! Why don’t we feel this way about our home appliances that are stowed away in the garage or water heater closet? Nobody sees them, that’s why! In reality going the cheap route when it comes to your homes water softening system can end up costing you more than double what you paid just a couple years into having it! Here’s some reasons you should REALLY give some thought to calling the professionals at Advanced Water Solutions when looking for a system to protect your homes appliances and fixtures:

Warranty – Our systems go way beyond the typical one-year warranty you see with systems off of the shelf at Lowe’s or Home Depot!

Service – Try getting a hold of someone through Lowe’s when your water softener starts to fill up with water or beeping at you do perform a service, not an easy task, trust us! We hear this common problem all the time! Our techs are factory trained and on call 24/7!

Quality – Our equipment has all of the certifications and testing possible to ensure that once we leave your installation, you KNOW you’re in good hands!

AND FINALLY…. A quality company with a knowledgeable and friendly staff that will answer your call ANYTIME, day or night when you need us! We strive to offer our customers the solution their home or business’s NEEDS and not take it overboard just to make an extra buck! We understand not everyone has the same budget! That’s why we have lots of different options available from purchasing to financing to rental units so that everyone can enjoy water the way it should be, without breaking the bank! Call us today for your FREE/NO HASSLE water test if you think you may need treatment!

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